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Hello and welcome! Abraham's Bosom has one main purpose: Question, reveal and debunk myths. Defenders of supernatural phenomena as "the real deal" will be disappointed and they are politely encouraged to take their arguments to one of thousands debate forums dedicated to such topics, as this arena deals strictly with tangible issues that can be explained in a logical manner that is more credible to a rational mind than some of what has traditionally been presented as "truths", while lacking most characteristics of being precisely that.

Therefore, claims that require a leap of faith to make sense will not be responded to by yours truly. Instead, I encourage healthy and polite debates around my 100 hypotheses and other interesting topics that may arise along the way. I also open the possibility for dedicated users to earn their own sub-board where they can introduce their preferred issues as long as they are kept within the framework of this forum's intention.

Respectfully, Zadkiel

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Welcome to the mythical realm!
Zadkiel: I still montor Abraham's Bosom regulary. Sept 15, 2020 11:46:38 GMT
Zadkiel: After a long slumber, I thought it may be time to revive this forum now. Oct 1, 2019 23:26:14 GMT
Zadkiel: Hence all the myths, whose purpose is to explain phenomena with no (or at least very little) base in facts. ;) Jun 4, 2016 21:12:38 GMT
officialgregoryk: Yeah, I like the theories that "apes" from millions of years ago could of migrated into the sea after a volcano erupted, but in the end there is no facts to back that up. Jun 1, 2016 22:51:56 GMT
Zadkiel: The infamous one from Israel was a publicity gimmick, while the "corpse" on the beach was a sculpture, so yes, the 'Net is full of hoaxes... :) Jun 1, 2016 22:48:22 GMT *
officialgregoryk: Yeah XD I have seen that science is saying the "mermaids" are real, but the factor is, how do we trust television now a days. Jun 1, 2016 22:35:48 GMT
Zadkiel: Thanks! Now, we have to join forces to develop it together. :) Jun 1, 2016 10:00:04 GMT
officialgregoryk: This site has potential. Jun 1, 2016 7:58:16 GMT
Zadkiel: Post your thoughts here! :) Apr 16, 2016 19:27:11 GMT
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